“The milestone house saved my life. It took me in with open arms when there was nowhere else to go and gave me the tools, the inspiration and the love one needs to recover. I will be forever thankful to Mike and Nikoleta and am constantly humbled by their dedication to recovery.” C.M., Wharton, NJ

“Mike and Nikoleta, I want to express my gratitude to both of you and Justin and especially to J’s sponsor Sean who is amazing and such a good man. All of you have been angels and warriors in getting Jay what he needs and in my heart and soul I will be forever grateful to you. I pray he succeeds, so that he can in turn do what you do, and continue to learn from you all of you.” Loryn, West Paterson, NJ

“The Milestone House helped save my life. After treatment, I needed help understanding HOW to live sober back in the real world. I was scared, afraid I couldn’t do it. Nikoleta, and the staff at Milestone showed me that I could. The structure, accountability and having experienced people around to listen and advise me in the beginning of my recovery was vital to my success. I am a proud member of The Milestone Family. I will forever be thankful to them.” Bill, Byram, NJ

“Staying at The Milestone House allowed me the opportunity to see the truth about my situation. I am beyond grateful for the help I was given in changing my life and the life long friends I’ve made through this journey. A simple thank you to Mike and Nikoleta could never be enough. All my love” – Ricky Z. , Parsippany, NJ

“When I first got to the Milestone House I was exposed to an extremely friendly, dedicated staff. After coming in with nothing, they fed and clothed me. As my stay continued, I did not follow suggestions and my life got worse. However, the staff recognized this; fellow housemates recognized this. They dragged me (sometimes against my will) to meetings. Over time, I got involved in these meetings, which is where I learned that drugs and alcohol were not my problem, but I (my thinking) was my problem. Since I now recognize that Milestone saved my life I am grateful for my stay at Milestone. After leaving Milestone over a year and a half ago, I still give back to the house in any way I can.” Craig F., Wharton, NJ

“I am truly grateful to have spent 3 months at The Milestone House after coming out of an intensive T.C. It was exactly what i needed!!  A real sober living environment at a real life pace, got me grounded in the world of recovery, and got me on my feet , mike , Nikoleta and the rest of the staff were caring yet not too overpowering, I keep in touch with them til today and hope to in the future.” Yisroel C., Queens, NY

“My experience with the Milestone House was the beginning of my recovery. I stayed with them for almost eleven months. The house became my home. There I was given an opportunity to learn to live in the world with some responsibility, accountability and integrity. I was allowed to make my own choices but with their guidance my desire to make the healthy choices grew.It was a wonderful starting point for learning a new way to live. For that I am entirely grateful.” Abby H., MD

“The Milestone House provided the “real-life” structure that was critical to my recovery. To not be totally sheltered from society, and have the stability of returning home to Milestones was unique from any other facility I have ever been to. Also, the 12-Step Recovery atmosphere present there makes it a great place for anyone serious about changing their life and jumping into the program with both feet.” Jim Mc., Rockaway, NJ

“Milestone- Thank GOD for that place. When I was down, they helped me get back up. When I had no place left to go, they let me in. And, when I lost all my hope and didn’t believe that I could live sober, they showed me how. They got me started on this wonderful life of recovery. So like I said, Milestone? I thank GOD for a place like that!!!!!!! Thank you Mike and Nik!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!” Ray, Denville, NJ

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