Milestone House Mission: To provide an environment where residents are afforded the opportunity to be law-abiding, productive members of society; healthy in body, mind and spirit; and of maximum helpfulness to others.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission has provided the framework for the creation of our House Policies and direction in the planning of our house activities and events. With unity our entire community stands together with like heart and mind.

The spirit of Milestone embodies our mission, resulting in the creation of an environment that is conducive to growth and experiential learning. We sincerely believe that our “mission-driven” community synergizes action, support, and accountability. Spiritual awakening (the result of working 12-steps) is witnessed as we move from philosophical ideas to actualized “real life” results. As the recovery process unfolds, consciousness awakens to itself and is realized within each committed resident.

Our mission states that each resident is “afforded the opportunity…” It is imperative to recognize that recovery is an opportunity not a mandate. How often do we find ourselves in locked-down setting where one’s motivation is, in a sense, forced down our throats? Does this ultimately work? We need to look at our own experience- clearly and truthfully. The time comes when we must take responsibility for ourselves and our recovery. Our journey involves building a relationship with an inner wisdom and a consciousness within. Life becomes clearer as we drop the old ideas that block us from seeing true from false. As promised in our ninth step “…we intuitively know how to handle situations that use to baffle us.”

And so it is our design, our intention, and our mission to inspire that which is within each of us to become our ultimate guide. It is this consciousness that penetrates everything we try to do at The Milestone House. During weekly staff meetings, individual resident follow-ups, “cares & concerns” groups, peer recovery groups (both gender specific and co-ed), spiritual workshops and studies, art and music events, and more- we encourage taking action in recovery as a healthy expression of body, mind and spirit.

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