“The Milestone House has been passionate about recovery since its inception since 2002. Our houses are accredited by the New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residence. We currently have three facilities located in historic Dover, New Jersey.

It is helpful for our new residents to complete some level of inpatient stabilization prior to entering our community. Interested prospects must be drug and alcohol free. The Milestone House encourages continued growth in recovery while living “real life” as responsible adults.  Recovery life and “real life” merge as one. The journey from head to heart is actualized.

Here is the opportunity to transform our lives in a supportive and friendly environment.  Men and women ages 18 and over are welcome at The Milestone House.  A large percentage of our residents have multiple years of recovery, highlighting the essence of the transformative experience of our homes.

We offer many amenities and comforts, but what is truly priceless is the energy of our environment; a spirit of love, tolerance, helpfulness, serenity and usefulness- absolute results from the working and re-working of the 12-steps.

You will be encouraged to join us at all of our on-site, solution-based meetings and workshops and to truly experience a “new freedom and happiness”.

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